Monday, 16 December 2013

15 Reasons to Live in the 15th

Some may call it the boring arrondissement but one that I believe is truly underrated. An arrondissement that I will try to persuade you dear readers to consider as not merely a wasteland south of the Seine but as an exciting part of Paris that you probably haven’t contemplated exploring.

1.       Easy to find home on a night out – all you have to do is find the Eiffel Tower, which let’s face it you can’t flaming miss, and you just keep walking south. What could be much easier? If I can manage not to get horrifically lost on my way there then it must be a piece of gateaux for the rest of you.

2.       You get to see 50 year old Parisian women on kids’ scooters- there is nothing more entertaining than seeing a middle aged woman with her Louis Vuitton bag scooting along the road but still managing to pull off the chic thing. This is definitely a big fat positive of being in a mostly residential area!

3.       William in Monoprix at La Motte-Piquet Grenelle

4.       Beaugrenelle- which is quite possibly my favourite shopping centre in the world. Maybe I only think this because I have been deprived for so long from a good old splurge on the sales due to my distinct lack of funds. Perhaps it has something to do with the big shiny M&S which is now only three metro stops away from me, which I must say helps when despairing over essays!

5.       According to the ever reliable source Wikipedia it is the most populated arrondissement, so surely with statistics like that I can find myself a tall, dark and handsome Frenchie to sweep me off my feet?

6.       15th arrondissement Come Dine With Me/Ready Steady Cook – so three of us live on our own quite close together and because if we didn’t actually get out of our flats we wouldn’t see the light of day half the time we cook for each other. There is nothing as hilarious as working out what you’re going to cook with lychees and bacon! (DISCLAIMER- sorry to those who live in the 15th and we haven’t invited, I could say it’s because I only have three chairs but it’s because you’re tacky and we hate you…)

7.       Not to sound too self-important or anything but I do live there so God knows why you’d want to live anywhere else….!

So that’s my definitive list of reasons to live in the best arrondissement. Is that you saying but hang on a second Kate, there are only 7 reasons here! Surely you can count? All I can say is thank goodness I’m doing a French degree and not a Maths one!

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