Sunday, 26 January 2014

New Year

So I’m back. Well I’ve been back for about two weeks but you what life is like, hectic and all that jazz. Nothing new has happened really but I thought I should give a quick update on how life has been treating me recently.

1.       This week I’ve been asked by L why I don’t have a boyfriend- she’s 12. Let’s just say I was keen to get back to helping her with her homework rather than get romantic advice from a teenager.

2.       I’ve decided my New Year’s Resolution is to learn how to play poker so that I can add Professional Gambler to the list of possible professions.

3.       I’ve received a vast about of Benedict Cumberbatch memorabilia courtesy of my Mum which has cheered me up no end.

4.       I went geo-caching which ended up in us finding nothing and going to McDonalds instead but only after a guy tried to fool us with the “Oh you dropped your ring” scam.

5.       I’ve done an awful lot of babysitting so I have decided to take action by making a serious dent in their stocks of tea. A truly British rebellion.

6.       My boss/landlady told me my flat was dirty and threatened to make her cleaner come and clean for me and that she’d come and inspect. I’m still waiting for that delightful experience…

In the weeks to come I have quite a lot going on really. My old school will be in this neck of the woods on a school trip and want me to help them not get lost. My cousin, Ellie, is coming to do the half-marathon with her friends and Robyn is coming to stay the weekend after that. (This is just a secret ploy to prove I am popular really…) Other things I hope to do are to :-

·         Explore a little bit more

·         Find somewhere to live next year

·         And to start my own collection of home brewed spirits starting with my ginger flavoured gin which I shall call GIN-ger.

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