Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Paris in the Springtime

So just to get a few excuses in first before I start to say why I haven’t written anything that recently on here (and it isn’t because I have been doing anything interesting I have honest keep reading and you’ll find out!). Well I have had many a visitor these past few weeks! Who knew I was so popular?! Certainly not me that’s for sure.
Firstly I spent a lovely weekend with my cousin and her friends while they did the half-marathon and I watched with my aunt and uncle. It is always so good to see other people getting so much enjoyment out of exercise which I can’t say I always share. It was lovely going down to Chateau de Vincennes where the start and finish points were, never a bad thing to discover a different corner of the city especially when it’s one as beautiful as the end of Line 1!
Last week it started to get unbelievably sunny much to my delight as the arrival of my second guest was imminent. With a cheeky trip to the favourite Cristals under our belts we headed to the market to buy an array of produce for a picnic in Jardin du Luxembourg. So blanket in bag and cans of Orangina in hand we set off for the kind of lunch I’d imagined I would be having all the time when I first contemplated living here. It certainly felt like I was going More Native Than The Natives – I mean can you get more French than a baguette, goat’s cheese, olives, petit fours and Orangina? All of the Parisians were just eating MacDonalds, the heathens.

After we strolled along the Seine, had a photo outside Notre Dame and sat on Ile-de-la-Cite watching the world go by in the sunshine. And now I’m nearly at the end of onslaught of visitors with only Pip left to come. But with all this sunny weather I just know nothing can go wrong and who knows I may even have a slight tan by the time I come back for Easter!

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