Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Paris Uncovered: Part Two

Whilst sat in my hot and stuffy apartment (because I’ve got the windows closed to keep out the mosquitoes) I started to think of other places I’d quite like to be, preferably places with very good air-con. Due to my new job I’ve been dashing around all over Paris which has given me inspiration to do my second instalment of my top places to go and visit when in Paris. This time I’m tackling the ever popular triumvirate of the 4th, 5th and 6th arrondissements.
4th Arrondissement
With it being so unbearable hot in this fine city I have resorted to drastic measures. Yes, I went there. I’ve decided to recommend you the best ice cream parlour in Paris. Since 1954on Rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile, the family have been making the most delicious cold substances known to man. I went on my birthday to see what they were made of and I was not disappointed. I opted for the pear sorbet while Mike went for the raspberry. Both were good but the judge (me) decided that the pear was the best. If I could afford to live on Ile Saint Louis I would move there in a heartbeat. Not only does it have magnificent ice cream, it is quaint beyond belief whilst being much quieter than its bigger counterpart the Ile de la Cite.
Not to be missed in the 4th is Place des Vosges. I spent a week working there as a showroom intern for Paris Fashion Week in February and I can tell you it is one of the nicest parks in Paris, which handily also has free WiFi.
5th Arrondissement
This is the best arrondissement going. What’s that? Did you just say “Kate, you only think that because you currently reside in that area!”? I might inhabit this particular quartier but that by no means influences my judgement. My new favourite bar happens to be in this arrondissement. Teddys is a name that suggests maybe an American influence but you’d be wrong in that assumption. In fact it is a lot simpler than that. It is just full of teddy bears. And pub carpet. And leopard print walls. What could be better than that? If you make it to Rue Thouin then try the cherry beer called Kasteel Rouge or anything that comes in a funky glass. This establishment is very relaxed and does tabs unlike a lot of typical French joints.
When you stumble back from the clutches of fruit flavoured, hops based liquids then stop at Chez Suzette. I spent a very enjoyable pancake day in here with my dearest sister, Pip. The crepes are incredible and you can get them to go. Also Rue de la Harpe happens to be around the corner from my flat so I am tempted by their classic French treats more often than I should admit.
6th Arrondissement
My recommendation for this area has had rave reviews, notably my father who termed it sleazy. Bar Dix is a ULIP institution. Well we haven’t quite got “les mates rates” yet but not through lack of trying. What more could you want from a sangria bar than Chic on the jukebox and quirky art students in the corner?! What’s more there is a downstairs which has precarious steps and an enormous mirror that lets you contemplate your drunkenness without having to brave the cramped toiler.

Hopefully these little gems can help you pass the summer well or to plan your next trip. Speaking of spending the summer well, I’m going to go and check out where I can explore in the next arrondissements. 

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