Monday, 13 March 2017

Sunny Days Are Back Again!

Finally, the weather in Paris is starting to brighten up. I'm not a massive fan of the oppressive heat during the summer but I do love the city when it starts to warm up slightly and people venture out of their apartments out into the city. The incessant rain beating down on my skylights never fails to make me want to crawl back into my nest after a long day at work. I love winter for its cosiness. I love bit, hearty meals and chunky knit jumpers. I love drinking cups of tea and going to bed early. Having said all of that there is something magical about Paris when the sun comes out. 
The better weather pushes me to go outside and explore. I apologise now for the number of photos I will be posting to Instagram of blue skies and Haussmann buildings. The city wakes up from its wintry hibernation and dusts itself off for the fun to start again. There were people sat outside basking in the sunshine along the banks of the Seine in true Parisian style and I even sat outside to eat my lunch today to make up for my hibernal Vitamin-D deficiency. 
Can you feel nostalgia for a place you are still living in? If so, then I've definitely been bitten by that bug. Walking past the Eiffel Tower yesterday, I had butterflies in my stomach just like I had the first time I saw the giant construction. The sun was high in the sky and the Sunday afternoon atmosphere was in full swing. I was in no hurry so I could revel in the architectural quirks of the arrondissement and peer into shop windows to see what delights they had to offer, I can say I truly felt relaxed. 
It isn't often that I feel completely at ease. In fact, it hardly ever happens anymore. From work stresses to my general anxiety, it can be hard to switch my brain off. However, when I'm trundling through the avenues of the Left Bank I am suddenly much more at ease. My mind is more often than not trying to work on new ideas for the blog and how on Earth I can achieve my dream of writing a novel. In fact this post is a product of those afternoon wanders in the sunshine as I collect my thoughts and process what is going on in my life. I take time to reminisce and to mull over ideas. I watch life go on around me and savour the amble of everyday life going on around me. 
Is there any clear message or narrative to this post? Not especially, yet again I try to entertain my loyal readers with the inner workings of my mind. Today is a more positive day to start a hopefully more positive week. I'm itching now to leave the office and trundle around the neighbourhood exploring but alas I have to get back to work and the slog of modern life. 

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