Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Monoprix a.k.a the Queen of Supermarkets

Now, I’m starting to feel a whole lot more like a native as of last week. This revolves around my absolute favourite supermarket, Monoprix. I finally signed up for a carte de fidelité. I don’t even have a Tesco Clubcard! This prompted me to think about all of my favourite things about the one and only Monoprix which some people say is the equivalent to Waitrose but I beg to differ. It is so much more.  

1.       The own brand range is actually really good and well-priced. My Monoprix own brand Nesquick alike was the same price as the normal stuff for twice as much! They also put little jokes at the bottom of all the labels. Most of which I can’t actually understand and don’t really work as well when you translate them but hey it’s the thought that counts! You don’t get that in Asda!

2.       They have a bakery section which sells all of the proper French patisserie. It isn’t as good as the bakery across the road from me but I never can say no to a bit of cake every now and then.

3.       William the super-hot guy who works in the closest store to me.

4.       You get a mini-card to put on your keys when you sign up for the card which absolutely blew my mind I got so excited.

Unfortunately the biggest disappointment is that the tonic water is disgusting so I have to go to Carrefour for that because I can’t ruin a good G&T with inferior T. That would be sacrilege.

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