Monday, 14 October 2013


You realise your job is quite good when you’re sitting on a really comfy sofa on a Sunday night eating Percy Pigs reading the Hobbit listening to someone play the harp. This pretty much sums up my night last night, well after having to get J to do her homework and eat her tea which took more effort than I was prepared to give!

When you meet someone new here and find out that they’re also a nanny the first question is “How old are your kids?” This might seem strange to those who don’t look after kids especially when you hear us saying “Mine are 7 and 12” or “The father of my children is lovely!” The latter often comes with very strange looks.

It’s pretty good fun when the kids want to be with you. If they’re having tantrums then it can get quite repetitive and they don’t really respect my authority. Especially L as she is only 6 years younger than me so the only time she actually wants to talk to me is when she’s complaining about not being allowed to watch television.

It was really sweet the other day. I was sat around the table with L, J and their mother and we were all painting each other’s nails. It made me feel like a real part of the family and a whole lot less lonely!

I am now very good at translating the Gruffalo into French as that is all we seem to read but that isn’t all so bad. Also watching Desperate Housewives with L was pretty funny. We said it was “English revision”. It would be good if I got paid to sit there and read story books and mess around on iMovie but I get reduced rent in return for English lessons which I suppose is pretty good, oh and however much tea/coffee I can drink as well as potential for biscuits from M&S.

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