Sunday, 9 February 2014

Educating Paris

As many of you might have guessed by now most of my entertaining anecdotes come from the two girls I look after as they are truly quite hilarious and no one really wants to hear about me deciding what kind of lentils to buy or how good at Pointless I am especially when a round about Paris come up.

Teaching English to two French kids might sound boring and hideously annoying which it can be but it also has some gems. Recently I have had some absolute classic “lessons” with them. It was interesting explaining to L that because the UK is an island I do live quite close to the beach. This absolutely shocked her and she thought that I was “on holiday all of the time” because I could go to the beach, I didn’t like to shatter her dreams and tell her West Kirby wasn’t exactly all fine white sand and surfing but rather more underage drinking and Calippos.

She also wasn’t particularly strong on her UK geography, so we had to get a map of Great Britain as she wasn’t 100% sure where Wales was….

We also had to clear up that HARRY POTTER, was BRITISH not AMERICAN. I almost went into full on nerd-mode but tried to stop myself from scaring her too much because she currently thinks I’m cool because we sit and she asks me about me about what kind of food I like and we chat about cake.

So far the girls haven’t necessarily learnt a whole lot of English from me but I feel like we need to work on basic British cultural knowledge, next on the cards eating Fish and Chips and talking about the weather..

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