Thursday, 12 January 2017

100 Posts and Counting!

I'm going to try and make this short as many of you know I have a tendency to ramble on a bit too long. I've hit a big milestone today. I've have officially published 100 posts on this blog. When I started this experiment I wasn't even going to tell anyone about it. I was going to keep it secret. Just for me and whoever stumbled across it. Soon I found that it was a good way to communicate with friends and family back home. I could tell stories about my life using a medium that was easier for me to express myself in. It saved me from repeating the same anecdotes every time I meet with someone for a catch up. I find it hard to open up to people when I first meet them so this blog is a good way for me to express my personality without all the awkward social contact that stresses me out. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone reading these words. Whether you are a first time reader or a frequent More Native Than The Natives visitor, your continued support really motivates me to carry on. Recently, I have got to a place where all of the admin that had been left by the wayside last year during all of the turbulence. I'm happier. I have fewer things weighing over my head. I can now focus more on making this blog better. I didn't believe that I could ever take it this far. I usually back down or forget about side projects so to get to this stage is really a big deal for me! I'm going to celebrate this weekend before getting back to it and writing more and more posts, hopefully about more and more interesting topics. If there is anything about Parisian life, anxiety or the world of a wannabe hipster millenial then please let me know. If the first 100 posts were about me talking about my life then I would like the next 100 to be increasingly about what my readers want to know about. For now I'm going to continue what I enjoy doing best and that's writing. Thank you for your continued support - you have given an awkward twenty-something a lot of happiness. 

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