Wednesday, 14 December 2016

An Ultimate Guide: The Only Bars You Need to Know

In an effort to improve my blog and to give the readers what they want I looked at which posts seem to do the best. I have deduced that you prefer it when I tell you what's what in Paris. It's understandable. Why else would you read a blog called More Native Than The Natives if it doesn't tell you how to live like a native?! So that's what this is. I'm going to create a few ultimate guides to help you if you ever end up at a loose end in the City of Light. 
I'm going to try and give you a few different kinds of places to try but in all honesty I tend to frequent establishments that are laid-back with buckets of atmosphere. I don't always care about price or quality of drink however some of the drinking holes I will describe to you certainly deliver on both! 
Ok. So this is my favourite bar. In the world. It's mad, bad and truly dangerous to know. The last time I was there was way back in August for my birthday. If you like weird beer served to your in animal horns, leopard print walls, pub carpet and teddy bears in every nook and cranny then this is the place for you. It isn't the cheapest but it makes up for that with the crazy atmosphere and delicious beers they have on tap. Any night spent here ends up in frivolity and usually some kind of takeaway.
Hotel de JoBo
This one is a bit out there for me. I don't usually find myself in hotel bars for JoBo I make an exception. I may have mentioned it once or twice before on here but it does need mentioning again if not just for some variety in this post. I don't want you all thinking I only go to weird hang-out spots with craft beer and odd décor. Sip a gin and tonic on the astro-turfed courtyard at JoBo for a touch of luxury after a hard day's shopping. 
Potato Bar
Disclaimer: Not the real name of the bar. If a bar is a bit dirty with rude staff would you still go for the cheap beer and free garlicky potatoes? It is a sacrifice I am personally willing to make. The real name of this place is L'Attirail I think but I'm not 100% sure all I know is there are 3€ pints of Stella and it is always packed so you have to get there early. Oh, Mike also took my sister Pip there while I was at work once and they proceeded to sink a few beers as my ears burnt...
It may be a little cliché to go to secret bars now. The joke has worn off slightly for me but this place still manages to live up to expectations. You walk through a fridge in a pizza restaurant to a proper Art Deco speakeasy. There are men in flat caps, gold everywhere and funky wallpaper. They do fab cocktails that change regularly and the glassware is to die for! I might only be able to afford one drink there but sure is damn good.

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