Saturday, 24 December 2016

Flying Home For Christmas

Do you see what I've done there? Changed a well known and popular Christmas song for comic but factual effect. Very clever of me I know. Anyway, enough of that. I'm finally home for Christmas. Let us all rejoice. I get to be in the land of great cups of tea, rain and bacon. It was touch and go whether I thought I would be able to come home but luckily the flights were at sensible times. It has been a few months since I have been back which doesn't seem like a long amount of time for some. However I am certainly in need of a rest and lots of hearty food surrounded by my family. This year I have gone back to the UK more than another year I've spent living in France so these last two months have been rather difficult mentally. I love living abroad. I write about that all the time. It doesn't mean however that I want to spend all of my time here, especially at Christmas. It's hard coping with anxiety at this time of year. You are meant to be happy and jolly and relaxed. On the inside I can feel the complete opposite. So I'm glad that I can spend time with my family and not alone sat in my flat. I'm proud of how far I have come since this time last year and I hope that I can say the same thing next year.
Today was perfect. Mike surprised me at the airport last night so we were able to celebrate Christmas Eve together with my family. A lovely meal out with everyone earlier made it even better. It is amazing home much more relaxed I am when I am in the UK. Not having to translate everything in my head or trying to comprehend different ways of life means that I don't panic as much. I love learning new things as a part of my life in Paris but I do need a little break every now and then! 

Finally all I have to say is thank you dear readers. Every time I see another page view it makes me so happy that people seem to be liking what I write. A very Merry Christmas to you all and be ready next week for the posts heralding in the New Year! 

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