Friday, 30 December 2016

Parisian Resolutions

The New Year is almost here. Is it just me or did 2016 drag on a little bit too long? I've decided to make a few little resolutions to make sure that this year is my best yet. Everything is finally coming together in my life so I'm ready to set myself some goals that I can hopefully fulfill! 
1) Do more yoga. Lists of New Year's Resolutions are always littered with promises to do more exercise but this is less about my physical well being and more about my mental well being even though they are both clearly linked. Yoga and meditation have always helped to keep me centred and relatively stress free. Doing more of both can only be a good thing! I've been a little lax this year in terms of exercise. We are always told that it is a great mood enhancer but for me the exercise isn't the stressful part, it's everything that goes with it, getting ready, planning where to go running, sorting the gym membership... The list goes on. So for me, I think some good, free videos that I can do in the comfort of my own small flat are the way forward. 
2) Become friends with the women in the bakery. I've started this already but I will make a bigger effort next year. My dream when I moved to France was to be known by all of the local shopkeepers who would tell me all of their culinary secrets and give me free food (al very Julia Childs!) Unfortunately this hasn't happened yet. I'm making good progress with the delightfully efficient women who run my local bakery and I am working my way through all of their flavoured eclairs. Hopefully 2017 will be the year I finally become regular welcomed with greetings of "How was your day to day?" or the immortal "The usual?"
3) BAKE! I hope you all read that in the voice of Sue Perkins. If not go back and start again! I used to bake a lot. Back when I could use the stuff Mum had in the cupboards and had a decent set of scales. I remember the night before my German Oral Exam I stressbaked 36 madeleines which is a skill I would like to get back. There is something very soothing about watching cake rise, that's probably one of the reasons GBBO has done so well. In a tiny parisian kitchen it can be hard to create amazing patisserie but a good old Victoria Sponge or three might be manageable. 
So there we have it. My resolutions for 2017. I'm rather glad I threw the yoga in there at the start so you didn't all judge me for my obsession with baked goods. All I have to say in this my last post of 2016 is that I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year and let's hope it turns out better than this one! 

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