Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cooking in Paris

My alternative title for this was going to be “Grating Tomatoes is harder than you think” but I decided that that might put people off and give them the impression that I’m some kind of crazy mentaler.

The story behind the grating of the tomatoes isn’t a particularly funny one it was basically me trying to grate a tomato so that I could put it in some Bolognese. After a good ten minutes of trying to do this I gave up and just chopped it up and put it in. Incidentally the Bolognese was surprisingly good even despite the eon it took to prepare it.

But cooking in Paris has been fun on the whole as I’m a student there has been a fair bit of pasta and I had super noodles  for breakfast once but I had run out of cereal so it wasn’t so bad…. I have however been going to the markets to get random things like peaches and fougasse (like focaccia but French so ten times better) which has been really great. There is something lovely buying food from the market it feels really natural. I have also found that Monoprix sell bacon which has taken so much stress out of my life it is untrue. I was worried that I would have to trek to M&S to find some.

I did burn my finger though. As I have already described I have a little toaster oven which when I opened it up yesterday I caught my finger on the hot section of the door. I then proceeded to run around shouting before putting it under the tap and getting my burn cream out. I have to say a little thank you to my Mum here who put together a little first aid kit for my relating to all of my previous injuries so I have lots of stuff for burns and make up remover. Cheers Mum.

I’m no Rachael Khoo in the kitchen but I think I’m eating quite well although saying that I think I’m going out for Pizza Hut with a friend today but sometimes you just need carbs and cheese.  

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