Tuesday, 3 September 2013

First Week in Paris

Argh! So I’m nearly halfway through my first week in Gay Paris and I’m all over the shop. While I’m missing family and friends badly I’m also having a really good time just doing my own thing (or at least what my sister agrees to do with me!). So far we have done one random shop in Franprix spending  30 Euros on I’m not really sure what, two trips to the market, a free trip around the Louvre mostly consisting of getting lost and trying to guess how many pictures of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus there were in La Grande Galerie. I’ve also “done” my first babysitting which involved playing a game where you sniffed different plastic containers and tried to guess what the smell was. Pip thought everything was strawberry and I was looking at the answers on the bottom of the boxes so it was a definite success. Following that the girls thought it would be funny to take some daft pictures on iBooth and make them into a film. They had no idea how many stupid faces I have pulled in my life so they found the first few hysterical rather than hideous as most people do. Turned out the film we made with them was a horror film… Despite a minor temper tantrum from the youngest I managed to get her too bed and reading the Gruffalo’s Child but I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most me or her! I still haven’t got my internet sorted as the person I’m meant to be sharing with is on holiday so I have been using the Wifi in Starbucks quite a lot. It is impressive the amount of time I can nurse an Americano for!

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