Saturday, 21 September 2013

What I've Learnt So Far

I’ve been in Paris for three weeks now which in the grand scheme of things isn’t that long when you consider I’m here for three years but I feel like there are certain things that I have definitely learnt since being here. They are as follows

1.       There is no road system. Well not one which makes sense anyway. As I have to walk J home from school twice a week I have to think a little bit about road safety. It seems to me that whenever the man turns green so does the light for the traffic and you just have to hope that they stop for you. Wearing a leopard print mac definitely has its advantages in these kinds of circumstances I find.

2.       The French LOVE M&S. I shouldn’t need to explain the reasons why anyone should love M&S. I feel that they are a given. I had a full in-depth conversation with my boss and L about what my favourite things to get from Marks and Spencers were. We all concluded that the best things to get are biscuits and Percy Pigs because despite the presence of BNs in France sometimes one needs a more robust biscuit i.e. the digestive.

3.       French men can be creepy. I also found this out wearing my leopard print coat. I was walking along my road minding my own business when one of the road cleaners growled at me. Some might say that I was asking for it but it did rather put me off my stride somewhat.

4.       People will always try and speak to you if you’re English. There is this bar near mine that some friends and I went to after a little gathering at mine which without fail someone will have done an Erasmus year in the UK and will practice talking to you. I’m sure this will get annoying at some point but right now I find it quite funny and always results in an eventful night out!

5.       7 flights of stairs don’t get easier. Despite doing them every day I still feel like I’m going to die when I get to the top and feel surprised when I finally manage to open my door before falling in a heap.

For only three week here I already feel like I know the place quite well but I’m sure there is plenty more I need to find out. The next thing I think is the best hangover cure in Paris considering that it is Freshers on Monday!

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