Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ice Lollies and Scooters

So I’m sat here eating Jelly Babies (Thanks Gran and Grandpa) and I thought to myself I haven’t written a blog post in a while. The main reason for this is because I now have friends who live near me so I’ve actually been out of the Flat for a longer journey than to Monoprix.

The other weekend I was booked in to go and look after the kids on a Saturday afternoon, no English lesson just something fun. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but they’re cute girls so I decided it would be alright. I’m going to call them L and J and they are 12 and 7 respectively.

I arrived at the designated hour and was greeted by L who exclaimed “Great, you’re here I’ll get the scooters”. A note before I continue. I can’t ride a bike and I am pretty poor on the scooter my balance is awful. I’m trying to get better when I go climbing with Dad but I still need to do some work on it. At the moment I just fall over if I try anything too risky. I was hoping that the scooters would just be for them but alas there was one being retrieved from the loo aka the garage for me.

So off we went the three of us on the scooters going to Monoprix to pick up a lab coat for L. This was obviously the place to go I mean what supermarket doesn’t have lab coats? Well this one did to my surprise. We also had to pick up some stationary for her. She asked me what that tongue thing on the ring binder was to which my reply was “It’s the logo for the Rolling Stones they’re a band” turns out she thought they were just a tongue thing.

After trying to navigate out of a very busy supermarket with three scooters and a 7 year old who kept walking off L decided that we needed ice lollies. We were walking to the bakery where they sold them and I was chatting to her. She was telling me how she didn’t like boys because she wasn’t a baby like her sister. I simply replied “Don’t worry you will when you’re my age”.

We had a really lovely sit down in the park eating our lollies but J ended up dropping hers on her legs and got them sticky so we had to return to wash her. When we were back we ended up playing Happy Families which mostly consisted of them screaming at each other and trying to get each other’s cards….sisterly love.

They also decided to watch videos on Youtube. It turns out that both of them know all of the words to the Abba songs featured in the hit musical Mamma Mia which I must admit was a surprise to say the least.

So that’s my job. I get to basically muck around with two hilarious kids speaking to them in English. Not bad really.

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