Friday, 27 September 2013

Living Alone

It’s nearly been a month since I moved to Paris and on my way home on Monday night as I was dancing down my road to Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out I had a little think about the advantages of living on my own. I’ve compiled my top four points.

1.       You can listen to whatever music you want to whenever you want to. I don’t know many people who would be ok with you dancing around your shared flat in your underwear to Marvin Gaye swiftly followed by doing a very good rap along to 99 Problems. All of this I have done and I can assure you all that it was very enjoyable.

2.       You don’t have to ask your flatmates permission to have people over. I like having the freedom to be able to just invite someone over. I do have to warn them about the stairs and the fact the light on the fifth floor doesn’t work but apart from that most people say yes!

3.       You get to know Youtube a little too well without a TV. Talking to Pip on Skype earlier highlighted this to me as I realised I could tell her exactly which episodes of Poirot and Dylan Moran shows were on there.

4.       You can eat when you’re hungry. This is probably a negative but I quiet like being able to sit down to Bolognese with macaroni cheese at 21h30 because I hadn’t realised how long it would take to make. If I lived with other people I would stress about not having a meal on the extending dining table for a certain time and me stressed is not a pretty sight!

I apologise for the brevity of this post but hangover free time has been scarce this week due to Freshers Week. But never fear there will be a post detailing all of the alcohol fuelled antics when I start to remember what happened….

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